• Course evaluations will be opened at the end of the course or the end of the semester using the Courseval® system. Students will receive an email from Courseval® with the list of courses to be evaluated, their username and password, and the evaluation closing date.
  • We do read the results and value your input regarding the course. We use your feedback to help maintain course strengths and refine areas of improvement for the course.
  • Results are most meaningful in discussions about course improvements when at least 70% of the class completes the course evaluation. We, therefore, ask that you please take the time to evaluate the course thoughtfully and constructively.

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  • The CoursEval system maintains a log of students who complete their evaluations, but there is no link between a student's name and his/her responses. Therefore, course evaluations are anonymous.
  • All students are assigned a username and password during their first semester. Students should retain this password during their four years. 
  • Students should contact the OU College of Nursing IT Department (or click Help while in the CoursEval system) if they experience any technical difficulty completing the course evaluation(s). 

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  • All faculty teaching are assigned a username and password upon hire and should retain this password for future use. 
  • Faculty teaching greater than 30% of the course time (ex.3 contact hour/week in a 3 credit hour course) will be evaluated using the CoursEval system. 
  • Faculty should contact the OU College of Nursing IT Department if they want to schedule a mid-semester evaluation of their course 

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