Health Insurance Questions?

Please visit Student Wellbeing

Where do I upload my renewed certifications?

On the Student Center To-Do List on Student Self Service.

Can I upload renewed certification from off-campus?
Yes. However, students must register the DUO security authentication first.

My Self-Service shows I need documentation that I already submitted. What do I do?
If you're having difficulty uploading, please contact your Student Affairs campus contact.

How can I request a Letter of Good Standing?
Letter of Good Standing can be requested from Admissions & Records.

MSN Clinical Request Form
Please complete the following forms if you need clinical information or a letter of good standing sent to your clinical site.
Clinical Rotation Information Request


Enrollment Holds

There are times when an enrollment will not be processed due to an enrollment hold. The following are types of holds that could prevent enrollment from being processed:

Renewable Items Checklist

Students with continuous enrollment will have to renew the items below upon expiration, every 12 months, or as necessary. 

  • Flu Shot | Required for Spring and Fall | Due by October 31st annually
  • TB Skin Test: every 12 months
  • Background Check: every 12 months, please review additional information here
  • Drug Screen: every 12 months  
  • Health Insurance Waiver: Upon expiration or in accordance to University guidelines. Please contact HSC Student Affairs at 405-271-2416.
  • University Training - (accessed at https://onpoint.ouhsc.edu)
    • HIPAA Privacy/Security
    • EHSO (Training is located on library tab)
      • Fire Safety
      • Tuberculosis Awareness
      •   Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
    • American Heart Association – Basic Life Support CPR is the only one accepted.
    • Must be a valid card.

Doctoral and MSN Enrollment Forms

Academic Calendar



Current Students

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